The More You Take, The More I Give

The more you Take, The more I Give
Installation / mixed media and materials / variable size / Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2011

The series of works are about the connection that arose between the city of Yogyakarta, the volcano Merapi and the South Sea. There is a geographical connection, the center of the city is built right in the middle of the volcano and the South Sea and two rivers, and a strong figurative connection has arisen by myths and narratives. The work is about the origin of myths, the relationship with nature that often lead to its creation and the layering and different ways of interpreting. Myths involve daily life and are part of politics, romance, education and power and have the capacity to preserve history and reproduce the present. 

When the Earth was created, Java was off-balanced because of the placement of Mount Jamurdipo on the west end of the island. In order to establish balance, God ordered the mountain to be moved to the centre of Java and renamed it Mount Merapi, literally ‘mountain of fire’. Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. From the Merapi to the South Sea there is an imaginary line connecting the Kraton in Yogyakarta as the central point between the Merapi and the South Sea. This line ends on the beach of Pirantritus in the place where Sultan Sutawijaya (1584-1601), the first king of the Mataram Sultanate Kingdom, met Ratu Kidul, the queen of the South Sea. 

The Installation The more you Take, The more I Give excists of the works: Grand Strategy, Everlasting, Annual Date, Matrimonial Disagreement and Arrived. They represent the furniture of Ratu Kidul

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The more you Take, The more I Give is made possible with support of Heden and Cemeti Art house.