at home anywhere

At Home Anywhere
Journey, 2008 - 2009

Journey to the 27 countries of the European Union visiting its inhabitants in search of
the definition of 'Home' at the centre of gravity, the exact heart of each country.

The journey At home anywhere is a way to link the countries of the European Union, through visiting the people, living closest to the geographical centre, the heart of these countries and putting their stories together.

The centres of gravity of the EU-member-states are calculated by Het Kadaster, the land measuring authority in The Netherlands. The geographical center is the average XY coordinate of a country. These points are, on average, the furthest away from the borders of a country. Therefore one could state that this spot is least affected by foreign influences, the most pure,
the heartbeat of that culture.

Outcome: Framed maps, photos, publication, articles and installations. (2008-2011)

At Home Anywhere is a collaboration with architect Henrik Jan Haarink.
In 223 days, we covered 42,755 kilometres (26,566 miles), visited 28 countries, 
crossed 3 time zones, 3 longitudes and 3 latitudes.

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