Polar night on the arctic circle

21-12-2010, 23:38

Polar night on the arctic circle

Arctic Circle on Grimsey in Iceland on the polar night 2010, the 21st of December.

The Arctic Circle marks the Southern extremity of the polar day and the polar night. Each yearn or around the 21ste of December the solstice of winter takes place, the polar night. A day without a sunrise on the arctic circle. On, or around the 21ste of June the solstice of summer takes place, the polar day. A day without a sunset on the arctic circle.

On the Solstice of the winter from 2010 I went to Grimsey, a small island 40 km north of Iceland situated directly on the Arctic Circle. In june 21ste I  will visited Grimsey again.

(UTC Time of winter solstice in 2010, 23:38hr)